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Company Manager

Reports to: Artistic Director
Hours: Part-Time; Average 10-hours per week; some nights and weekends

Redhouse Arts Center located in Syracuse, NY seeks a professional and passionate individual to engage with artists and production staff.

Redhouse is a professional, not-for-profit theater serving the community by providing leading and inclusive experiences through its theater and educational programs. It was founded under the vision of providing leading arts experiences to enhance the community. Since its founding in 2004, it has expanded and now focuses on professional theatre, education through arts-based learning, and community impact.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Serves as liaison between Redhouse administrative staff and artists on any production.
  • Oversee, arrange and prepare company housing and transportation.
  • Serve as day-to-day immediate contact for visiting artists. Leader in providing an excellent experience for
  •   visiting artists.
  • Arrange weekly grocery store runs for visiting artists.
  • Serve as the day-to-day immediate contact with housing providers, coordinating communication, visiting
  • artists needs, and housing concerns.
  • Serve as contact for local artists as it relates to contracts, payroll, and human-resources.
  • Serve as immediate contact for visiting artists in the event of an emergency.
  • Assist as needed with contracts to artists and applicable unions, with approval of Artistic Director. Assist
  • with weekly AEA reports.
  • Familiarity with union rule books
  • Distribute payroll checks to all artists associated with any production.
  • Assist as needed with company member human resources-related concerns, and have familiarity with Redhouse Employee Handbook, including company policies on sexual harassment and anti-racism.
  • Assist as needed with box office to facilitate comp tickets for artists associated with any production.
  • Driver’s license required with clean driving record
  • Additional duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:


  • 2+ years experience in artist relations, customer and/or audience service, box office, stage management, and/or other management roles
  • Clean driver’s license and reliable motor vehicle.
  • Ability to handle multiple, simultaneous tasks in a timely manner

Job applicants should submit their letter and resume to the Artistic Director at [email protected]

Technical Director

Reports to: Artistic Director
Hours: Part-Time; Average 20-hours per week; some nights and weekends

Job Summary:

The Technical Director (TD) is primarily responsible for supervision and implementation of all production elements (lighting, sound, set design and construction, etc.) of all Redhouse productions. The TD ensures safe-working practices and facilitates repair and maintenance of the theatre resources and equipment in collaboration with the Facilities Manager. Key to this is a strong work ethic centered on excellent organizational skills and the ability to develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships and communications with all artistic parties (designers, actors, etc.), as well as administrative staff, board members, and volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Oversees and implements the company’s production elements, including build, paint, props, maintenance and strike
  • Determines the necessary technical supports, such as lighting, sound, staging, and special needs, necessary for events and performances in advance of production dates
  • Advises Artistic Director on the technical specifications, costs and usage of technical equipment required for the individual show
  • Supports tech needs for Redhouse, RedED, and other related events on and off site.
  • Designs, supervises and assists with set and stage construction and management
  • Reads and interpret blueprints, drawings and plots, supplementing design work as needed
  • Completes construction of all scenic design elements within the designated time period as determined by
  • the overall production schedule
  • Ensures smooth operation of the technical aspects of all productions
  • Assists with the preparation of and manage technical operation budgets; maintain inventory and order
  • specialized supplies
  • Purchases, leases and/or borrows equipment as needed, within specified budgetary limits
  • Makes recommendations to the Executive Director and Artistic Director regarding capital purchases of
  • technical equipment
  • Ensures that invoices for payment and/or receipts for disbursement, with respect to authorized
  • expenditures, are promptly submitted being proficient and efficient with all expenditures made within
  • the budget
  • Monitors the condition of equipment including lighting, sound, and rigging equipment; arranges for the
  • repair and replacement within budgetary constraints; performs preventive maintenance on equipment
  • Maintains current knowledge of all equipment and supervises training on all equipment
  • Helps recruit, manage and retain stagehand volunteers
  • Develops, implements and monitors policies to ensure a safe work environment in the back stage and
  • stage areas
  • Attends required production meetings
  • Oversees management of all load-in materials, and return of borrowed items.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with local designers, builders, & colleges with technical training
  • programs
  • In collaboration with the Master Electrician and the Facilities Manager, provides an annual technical
  • inventory of all equipment with recommendations for replacement, or refurbishment
  • Option to accept a design position (scenic or lights) on up to two shows as part of employment. Hours
  • adjusted as needed
  • Additional duties as assigned by the Artistic Director
Required Qualifications:
  • College Degree in Theater or related field, or commensurate experience, minimum of 4 years
  • Ability and knowledge (including familiarity with ADA and OSHA compliance)
  • Ability to handle multiple, simultaneous tasks in a timely manner
  • Collaborative attitude
  • Heavy-lifting abilities
  • Competent, working knowledge of theatrical equipment, design tools and software.

Job applicants should submit their letter and resume to the Artistic Director at [email protected]