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New Works Festival

Hunter Circle

Hunter Foster
Artistic Director


Redhouse is presenting its first ever New Works Festival! This is an extraordinary opportunity to have your play or musical receive a 2 week developmental workshop at the acclaimed Red House Arts Center in downtown Syracuse; one of the premier theatre facilities in Central New York. Led by Artistic Director, Hunter Foster, the creative team at Redhouse will choose 1 play and 1 musical for their developmental series. Here is your chance for your work to be cultivated in a creative setting so it can reach its ultimate potential.

Redhouse Arts Center New Works Festival Submission

Festival Dates: January 23-26, 2020
Submission Period: Prior to August 31, 2019
Admission Fee per Script: $25

Submitting Your Script & Application

On the cover of your script, please include the a) NAME OF YOUR PLAY b) The Playwright’s name c) The Contact information of the Playwright [Address, Telephone Number & Email Address]; 1. Include the character breakdown in your script; 2. Include the Setting (i.e. and apartment in NYC.) that your play occurs and the Time (i.e. the present); Include the following support materials with your application: 3. Cover letter stating why your show is a good fit for Redhouse Arts Center New Works Theatre Festival. I. Bio(s) of yourself and any proposed collaborator (These may be used for marketing purposes on our website and social media). All pictures involved with the Festival may be used to market your show. II. CD of music, or wav files, mp3 or e-files. (Musicals ONLY). 4. Any other materials you wish to accompany your application.

**Playwrights must be at least 18 years old. Please submit all information by clicking the link below. If you have issues uploading any files, please email them to [email protected]

Commitment & What We Are Looking For

We are looking for groundbreaking new works that bring about new perspectives on the human condition and our community; but also new works that challenge the way in which we tell stories. Although this is a developmental showcase, we expect polished and high quality materials.

Submissions Should Be:

  • Typed in PDF format**
  • Complete drafts – not incomplete drafts or treatments.
  • Plays that have never had a professional AEA production and have never been published; readings and workshops are fine.
  • The playwright is the sole owner of script copyright.

What to Expect

  • Redhouse will be choosing 2 new works; 1 musical and 1 play
  • The Festival will take place for 2 weeks in January 2020 (Jan 13-26); 2 weeks of rehearsals with the play performing Thursday/Saturday and the musical performing Friday/Sunday
  • Playwrights can use the Redhouse facilities all day to work on their material and then Redhouse will provide top level local actors for the reading
  • Out of town playwrights’ travel and living accommodations will be taken care of
  • Redhouse Artistic Director and Broadway Tony-nominee, Hunter Foster, will direct one of the works. Another qualified director will direct the other
  • The new works will be presented as an informal reading (at music stands or minimal staging)
  • A playwright and cast talkback will follow the performances
  • Redhouse will market and advertise the new works chosen

**Any and all questions should be directed to [email protected]