The RedHouse

A New Three Theatre Complex at City Center


Book the Redhouse at City Center for your upcoming show or event. Redhouse is a 40,000-square-foot complex in the heart of downtown Syracuse offering a variety of venues and amenities that are sure to meet your needs. We offer flexible spaces for corporate or private events and everything in between. Our team has the technical and creative expertise to exceed your expectation, offering many add-ons like customized lighting, sound and video for every event. Get started now by emailing date(s) and details regarding the event to [email protected] today!

Redhouse at City Center features:

  • Large theater with flexible seating for up to 350 people
  • Small theater with flexible seating up to 125 people
  • Two rehearsal spaces, including one equipped for performances with seating up to 65
  • Full Service Box Office
  • Concession Stand with Catering Kitchen
  • Support spaces including ensemble and individual dressing rooms, remote orchestra room, double scene shop and Costume Shop
  • Secure, attached parking garage
  •  Much more!

Theatre Specifications 

MainStage Theater

Seating 275-450 (Fully Configureable)

Space Dimensions – 63’w x 86’d

Stage Dimensions (proscenium) – 42’w x 23’d Lighting Grid Height – 22’ Line Sets – 20

Stage Deck: Customs Decks are available, over concrete

Soft Goods: 1 – Main Traveler
8 – Legs (no fullness)
4 – Boarders
1 – White Scrim
1 – Black Scrim
1 – Cyclorama
1 – Bounce Drop
1 – Rear Traveler (full fullness)

Lighting: ETC Ion XE 3000 (3 Universes)

ETC Lustr 2
ETC Source 4
Showline Par Zoom LED Elation LED Strips
Elation Quad Par

Small Theater

Seating 100

Space Dimensions – 50’w x 52’d

Stage Dimensions (proscenium) – 50’w x 25’d Lighting Grid Height – 18’

Stage Deck: Custom Acoustic Floor under Masonite Soft Goods:
10 – Legs (no fullness)
1 – Black Scrim
1 – Cyclorama

The Studio

Seating 65 (Fully Configureable)

Space Dimensions – 38’w x 43’d

Lighting Grid Height – 18’

Stage Deck: Rosco Dance Sub Floor under Masonite

Mirrored Wall

Showline Par Zoom LED

Elation LED Strips

Elation Quad Par
Elation Area

G3000 Fog Machine

Radiance Touring Hazer