The RedHouse

A New Three Theatre Complex at City Center

Rockin’ the Redhouse

Rockin’ the Redhouse

February 28th at the Landmark Theatre

Rockin’ the Redhouse is a battle of corporate bands. Fellow employees and friends have a great time cheering on their bands and audience participation is part of the judging criteria. This event is a great employee morale building event where the “garage bands” get to play on the big stage at the Landmark Theater. Each band has 12-15 minutes of stage time. This year, eight bands will entertain over 1,000 audience members and fans raising over to support Redhouse education scholarships.

2019 Winners

Most Rockin’ Band: Defense Mechanism – Lockheed Martin
Runner Up: The Dinosaurs – CXtec
Third Place: JAM Wireless – JMA Wireless
Fourth Place: The Verdict – Bousquet Holstein
Best Instrumentalist Guitar: Gio Pettigrass – Six Pack (Anheuser – Busch)
Best Instrumentalist Percussion: Karthik Janardhanan – JAM Wireless (JMA Wireless)
Best Instrumentalist Keyboard: Jordan Ragos – JAM Wireless (JMA Wireless)
Best Instrumentalist Other: Dan Blumenthal – The Verdict (Bousquet Holstein)
Best Vocalist: Bob Volk – Defense Mechanism (Lockheed Martin)
Best Showmanship Individual: Ashley Cox – The Dinosaurs (CXtex)
Best Look Individual: Jesse Wilson – The Verdict (Bousquet Holstein)
Best Showmanship Band: Defense Mechanism – Lockheed Martin
Best Look Band: Defense Mechanism – Lockheed Martin
Best Ticket Sales: The Actuators – Young & Franklin/Tactair
Best Audience Participation: JAM Wireless – JMA Wireless

2019 Corporate Bands

Advanced Automation Corporation (Steely & The Night Hogs)
Anheuser Busch (Six Pack)
Bousquet Holstein (The Verdict)
Carrier Corporation (The Chillerz)
CXtec (The Dinosaurs)
JMA Wireless (JAM Wireless)
Lockheed Martin (Defense Mechanism)
Young & Franklin Inc./Tactair (The Actuators)

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