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201 S. West St
Syracuse, NY 13202
Box Office: (315) 362-2785

Welcome to The Redhouse, A Non-Profit Arts Center

Syracuse City School District Partnership


Mission Statement:

By using the arts as a delivery model Redhouse delivers core content to students. Utilizing project based learning Teaching Fellows work with students to collaborate on final works that are showcased in shareformances with their entire school community. These in combination with guest artists from across the community and the country help develop a vibrant, enriched, and diverse school community.



Curriculum Overview:

Our Curriculum currently spans the entire academic calendar and focuses on nine different arts mediums. Each of our units is rooted in the common core, and seeks to augment the instruction of the classroom teacher by providing other thinking strategies and project based content exploration. Each unit ends with a shareformance, where the class performs a routine, song, dance, skit, or shows a film that is a culmination of their learning and their ability to show what they know.

Percussion: This unit engages students musically through exercises in playing, singing, listening to, and analyzing music in different forms. This unit’s shareformance consists of different forms of musical performance, from singing, to playing, vocal percussion, and a music video.

Costume Design: This unit turns our core curriculum topics into wearable designs, with the unit ending in a fashion show. Each student gets the chance to show of the design that they made based on topics like ancient cultures, the rainforest, patterns, and parts of speech.

Modern Dance: Our first of two movement units, the modern dance unit engages students in the curriculum by having them express the common core with their body. Dancing through the animals in a food chain, Choreographing a routine based on shapes and symmetry, and writing haikus and dancing with the emotion it expresses are a few of the ways we do this. Students enjoy getting to physically explore the material, and performing their dances for the shareformance is a blast as well.

Backstage Bootcamp: After being in the spotlight for a while, the students go behind the scenes and get a glimpse into what makes a show happen. The students get to learn about the puppet making process and get to create puppets for our upcoming school tour. One puppet from each grade actually gets selected to be in the show when the tour stops by that school.

Multicultural Folktales: One of our most diverse units is our Folktales unit. We take stories from around the world, and each grade learns a different story, and also about the culture that goes with it. Students learn about the countries of China, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, and study the cultures of Africa, and the old American Midwest. The unit finishes with a multi-faceted shareformance including song, dance, puppetry, and scene work.

Film:  Working with the latest technology students become the creative force both from in front and behind the camera. Working a variety of genres from commercials to how-to to documdramas students create short films of their own design. Students write their own scripts, frame their own shots, learn to edit film and music. Students films are created and shown in public performance and who knows who might be the next Steven Spielberg!


Meet our Teachers:


Magdalen Donnelly, Arielle Kaigler-Hall, Landon Woodson, Cynthia Moore, Cameron Walker


Colin Wilson, Stephfond Brunson, Kare Wright, Elise Shuford, Melanie Harrison


CJ Miller, Carlos Garcia, Kassandra Melendez-Ramirez, Mike Spadaro, Alex Kanter

Van Duyn:

Danya Eades, Jared Dewberry, Becky Klementowski, Robert McCall,

Dr. King:

John Grimsley, Adora Smith, Max Smith, LaToya Collins, Shawn Stackhouse

Frazer/Danforth Middle School

Brandon Morse, Michael Rantlet, Jessica McCutcheon, Braze Addison, Katishma Grey, Michael Roberts, Kishma Alexander