The Redhouse Arts Center

A New Three Theatre Complex at City Center

Austin Allyn Theatre

The largest of the Redhouse Arts Center’s three performance spaces, the Austin Allyn Theatre provides a versatile environment with removable seating to configure your event in a way that compliments your vision. The walls are designed to provide the best acoustics for any form of presentation, whether it’s a musical performance or conventional speech. The Austin Allyn Theatre provides two (2) entrances to the main lobby.

Austin Allyn Theatre Dimensions 

When arranged in proscenium seating, this theatre can hold approximately 275 people.

  • Space Dimensions: 63’w x 86’d
  • Stage Dimensions (Proscenium): 42’w x23’d
  • Lighting Grid Height: 22′
  • Line Sets: 20
  • Stage Deck: Custom decks are available over concrete.
  • Soft Goods:
    • Main Traveler – 1
    • Legs (no fullness) – 8
    • Boarders – 4
    • White Scrim – 1
    • Black Scrim – 1
    • Cyclorama – 1
    • Bounce Drop – 1
    • Rear Traveler (no fullness) – 1
  • Lighting: ETC Ion XE 3000 (3 Universes)
    • ETC Lustr 2
    • ETC Source 4
    • ETC Par EA
  • Showline Par Zoom LED Elation LED Strips
  • Elation Quad Par

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