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New Redhouse Arts Center nearly done in Downtown Syracuse

The group has been transforming a good portion of the old Sibley’s Department Store building on South Salina Street in Syracuse into the new arts center.

The first main stage performance is “On Golden Pond”, which runs from March 8 through March 18, starring TV star Fred Grandy, better known as “Love Boat’s” “Gopher”.

The Redhouse this week has been bringing supporters and staff into its new home to see the nearly completed facility.

“I almost got a little teary-eyed yesterday, we did a staff tour and a lot of our staff work in the schools every day so they haven’t been in here and we were able to walk them through and just watching the excitement on their face.” ¬†Redhouse Executive Director Samara Hannah tells NewsChannel 9.

The Redhouse will now have two theaters as opposed to the one they’ve been performing in for years seating at most 90 people.

The main theater will seat around 300 people for a traditional show but could hold as many as 400 people depending on the configuration of the space.

The second, smaller theater will still be able to seat between 100-125 people.

Board President Bill Hider says “I think the lobby here is the most striking, I really love the lobby and I like the fact that we have really excellent backroom support.”

Hannah says even though they have more space the Redhouse will continue with the same amount of programming they are doing now.

She does say the big difference will be who else can now use this space.

“We want other arts groups, we want companies to come in and do professional development things here, we want small conventions to come here, there are so many public breakout spaces here,” Hannah says.

Hider says, “I’ve been on the board for a long time and I said I’m going to stay here until they cut this red ribbon.”

For now, two levels of the parking garage will be available with nearly 300 spaces.

The remaining levels of the garage will open when Phase 2 is completed, opening up a total of nearly 800 spaces.

The search is on for one or more commercial tenants to fill the remainder of the space in the old department store building.

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