The Redhouse Arts Center

A New Three Theatre Complex at City Center

Mission/DEI Statement

Our Mission

Redhouse Arts Center is a professional, not-for-profit theater serving the community by providing leading and inclusive experiences through its theater and educational programs.

Redhouse Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement

We know that prejudice, racism, and social injustice exist in our community, our lives, and our places of employment. It is our moral obligation to address these systemic injustices. To do nothing harms our community and our organization. Redhouse has an opportunity to ensure that its board, staff, programming and outreach matches that of the diverse community that we proudly serve. This means that Redhouse must improve its ability to recruit diverse talent to its governing board and staff, as well as acquire and develop content and programs that speak to the Black experience and reflect the rich cultural diversity of the Syracuse community.

Successfully addressing these issues will afford Redhouse the opportunity to better represent our community, enhance our identity, broaden our offerings, improve as a theater and establish Redhouse as a cultural ambassador of the Central New York region. To that end, Redhouse’s goal is to achieve parity across racial groups and create an environment where people feel welcomed and see opportunity. At times, we have fallen short.

This moment in time demands that we be thoughtful about the role that theaters play in our society. We are playing an active role in fighting racism and fully embrace a leadership role in advocating for sustainable change in our organization, productions, and educational programs.

To achieve our goal, Redhouse will focus its attention on the following priorities over the next 24 months:

  1. Focus on anti-racism in our organization to include but not limited to the development of a board led committee and annual training on this specific topic.
  2. Ensure productions, educational programs, and digital content consider diverse voices in content, partnerships, staff, cast, artists, designers, directors, etc.
  3. Engage audience and community through deliberately focused events and partnerships.