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Steel Magnolias

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“Temar Underwood directs a crisp, funny, and lively production that excels at delivering comedy”…”The cast has genuine chemistry. The script’s many zingers are hurled back and forth not as bon mots glazed in clever artifice but as honestly funny comments tossed off by honestly funny women.”

– Linda Lowen,

“Outstanding”…”Nailed it”…”Wonderful production”

– Facebook Followers

Steel Magnolias

By Robert Harling

Truvy’s Beauty Salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana is where all the ladies who are “anybody” go to get their hair done. Enjoy the company of these wildly colorful and lovable women as they bond together to cope with good times and bad. Their journey is alternately hilarious and touching and ultimately reveals the incredible healing power of love and friendship.

September 20th-30th, 2018

Temar Underwood Headshot

Directed by
Temar Underwood

Director, actor, playwright, and Redhouse favorite Temar Underwood returns this season to direct Steel Magnolias and Once Upon a Mattress.

Meet The Cast

Laura Stisser as
Marguerite Mitchell as Shelby
Magdalyn Donnelly as Truvy
Caroline Strang as Annelle
Karis Wiggins as
Marcia Mele as

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