The Redhouse Arts Center

A New Three Theatre Complex at City Center


Melanie Harrison, NYU Steinhardt student and past Redhouse Fellow

My two years as a teaching fellow at the Redhouse Arts Center have been completely invaluable to my personal, artistic, and professional development…After school, Redhouse’s MainStage and LAB space became playgrounds for all of my artistic interests; I had opportunities to perform, conduct dramaturgical research, and develop my playwriting. The teaching fellowship dynamically embraces all

John Grimsley, Middle School Music Teacher and past Redhouse Fellow

“I spent two years in the Fellowship Program and worked my way up from teaching fellow to building lead. I developed such incredible relationships with my students, grew so much as a teacher and artist, and made connections that I will use for the rest of my life. This program gave me the tools and

Ms. Underwood, ELMS Music Teacher and past Redhouse Fellow

“The Fellowship with Redhouse and the Syracuse City School District allowed me to explore and learn about various art forms that combine to support my specialized knowledge in music. I was able to have my first experience in urban public education, a goal that I had had since my sophomore year of college. My position

2nd grade teacher, SCSD

“I just wanted to let you know how much my 2nd grade students love Redhouse and [their Redhouse Fellowship Instructor]…It helps build confidence and social skills which many of our students lack. I hope Redhouse will continue to work with the SCSD and help to continue to bring out the best in our students. I

3rd grade teacher, SCSD

“My experience with Redhouse in my classroom has been extremely enjoyable. The Redhouse time in my classroom is a time my students look forward to. It was incredibly engaging for students and it allowed them to learn different ways, to express themselves in the classroom. It taught them important social and life skills, additionally they